How much will my energy efficiency project cost?

Determining an average cost for energy efficient lighting projects is difficult to quantify because each project is inherently different from the next. Companies are unique, buildings are unique, and, therefore, solutions must be unique to fit the requirements of each, individual facility.

Your Facility – Existing & Aspirational

PCE will conduct an audit of your existing fixtures, taking into account the numerous variables your facility may include. The size of your building and hours of operation are huge factors in determining the scale of your lighting project, the type of HVAC controls and analytics that would drive maximum return, and whether other energy efficiency projects make sense for your facility. In addition, ceiling height, machinery, windows, age of fixtures, etc. all come into play during the design process.

In the end, it all comes down to the quality of light present in your space. Standards for the number of foot candles present in a facility vary greatly, depending on your industry. If your facility meets these requirements and you still wish to increase the amount of light, upgrading the quality of emitted light can result in a huge difference to the naked eye. There are a wide selection of fixtures and bulbs available. Our energy advisors and design team will help narrow down these options for your organization.

Your Company’s Goals

An important question to consider is how long your organization is planning on occupying your current facility. Your answer could determine the overall necessity of a project to meet your savings needs. Upgrading the lighting system, installing HVAC controls, and utilizing analytic software to run your facility more efficiently, can result in massive energy savings, both short and long term. On the other hand, if you’re planning on moving locations, an energy efficient lighting system can make your space more marketable to future owners.

Your Unique, Tailored Solution

Our energy advisors will work with you as a “Buyer’s Agent” through the entire process, delivering effective solutions that maximize your ROI, energy savings, and overall investment. Your solution may even include utility company rebates and tax incentives to assist with financing. With every project, PCE explores all avenues while tailoring a measured, effective, and no-pressure approach to a solution that fits the needs of your company.

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