Power of Clean Energy’s mission is to create a superior client experience by providing cutting-edge, non-proprietary energy-efficient solutions and having a true impact on the environment while saving our mission-driven clients money.

PCE is proud to partner with schools, churches, non-profits, and businesses of all types to make a true impact and live out what it means to be true stewards of the earth.

In one year, Cornerstone Church Nashville will save $82,254, and conserve 408,679 kWh, which is the equivalent to:

Impact at Home and Abroad

Power of Clean Energy defines itself as a true IMPACT company. By partnering with PCE, you will not only be saving your organization money to spend on more important priorities, but you will also be impacting communities without access to electricity though the donation of MPOWERD’s Luci Lights.

What is Luci?

Luci is an inflatable solar LED light that empowers the three billion people around the world who still live without reliable access to electricity. Luci is lightweight, easy to carry, and shines for hours on a single charge. Luci is a clean, safe and affordable way to bring light to the world. These lights will be distributed by MPOWERD’s NGO partners across the globe and will promote safety for women, allow health clinics and businesses to stay open later, and enable children to study after dark. They will also eliminate toxic and expensive kerosene lamps and produce zero emissions from use.

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