Hal Tetrick

Energy Auditor

Hal Tetrick is an Energy Auditor for Power of Clean Energy. Hal’s background is in lighting and facility management. Prior to joining PCE, Hal worked the 14 years with Nashville-based Griffin Technology. For the last 7 years of his time at Griffin Technology, Hal was the Facility Manager over a 558,000 sq ft warehouse and corporate office.

Hal and his wife, Jennifer, have four kids, eight grandkids, two dogs and a cat. Hal is a constant learner and loves figuring out how things work. He loves tools, machinery, and handmade boots and hats. When asked, as a former Facility Manager, why he decided to come work with PCE, Hal responded, “I whole-heartedly believe in the products we sell – from the bright, efficient, and extremely low-maintenance LEDs, to the analytics software that can tell you what in your system is not working properly and how often it is malfunctioning. I love that this company has integrity and treats their employees just like they treat their customers.”

Hal Tetrick PCE Head Shot

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