Give us 30 minutes to learn about your current energy consumption levels, your business and your business goals. After that, we will engage our needs assessment process to build an energy consumption reduction strategy for you and your company. Our team includes energy audit specialists to engineer the right solution and tax certification experts to make the numbers work. Our value is the delivery of an energy consumption reduction solution that will create significant ROI, month after month, into the future.

Meet our team!

Brent Alexander

Energy Advisor

Director of Operations

FOCUS: Creating diverse solutions which maximize each customer’s unique strengths to reduce their energy costs.

About Brent

Brent brings a diverse background with experience working in large industry both in the United States and overseas. He co-founded one of the fastest growing clean energy startups in the country and has a true passion for energy consumption reduction with the “whatever it takes” mentality. Brent overseas all of the project management processes, from energy audit, installation to the tax certification process and beyond. He has developed expertise in creating diverse solutions that maximize each customer’s unique strengths to reduce their energy costs. 

Kevin Johnson

Energy Advisor

Director of Sales

FOCUS: Bringing a service oriented and no-pressure approach to how we develop solutions for our customers.

About Kevin

Kevin has a substantial amount of knowledge about sales and customer service. He has been trusted by many to train thousands of sales professionals throughout his career. Kevin developed our Needs Assessment process to be a collaborative experience wherein we bring a service oriented and no pressure approach to how we develop solutions for our customers. He currently serves as the point of contact for our Industrial and Commercial accounts as well as strategic manager for all PCE sales functions.

Chris Klein

Energy Advisor

Director of Project Development

FOCUS: Creating the most accurate and financially feasible solutions for our customers.

About Chris

Along with his experience in sales, Chris brings a construction management aspect to the team. He utilizes our audit technology and energy efficiency software to create the most accurate and financially feasible solutions for our customers. Over the last four years he has developed a breadth of expertise in clean energy products from countless vendors and is able to recommend the best solution for each project.

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